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All our tutors and instructors are experienced in the Singapore Math method and the Singapore Math curriculum. Use the video courses with any of the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum you are using!

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What is Singapore Math?

The Singapore Math Method uses the concrete to pictorial to abstract learning approach to encourage active thinking, understanding, and communication of mathematical concepts and problem-solving.

This proven method has been adopted by parents and schools in the United States and around the world and has helped students understand and excel in mathematics.

This is Suitable For:

  • Parents with Children in Grades K – 8.
  • Parents who want their child to build a Strong Foundation in Mathematics and Problem Solving.
  • Parents whose child is using the Singapore Mathematics curriculum at school and need  Additional Support. 
  • Parents who are using the Singapore Mathematics curriculum  for Homeschooling and need additional support.
  • Self-paced courses so your child can move at their own pace
  • Parents who would like their child to learn Singapore Mathematics Problem Solving Strategies.

About Singapore Math Learning Center

At Singapore Math Learning Center, we believe that every student should feel confident in their math abilities. With the right support and practice, students will be able to improve their math skills.

Our tutors are passionate about working with students  and seeing their growth and achievements and strive to  stimulate a student’s passion in math and foster intrinsic motivation

Singapore Math Learning Center is a premier provider in quality tutoring and online programs  and was recognized by Homeschool.com as one of the Top 100 Educational Resources in 2019.

What Parents Say About Our Instructors/ Tutors

Kirsten is an exceptional teacher. She is a master of the subject matter and is both engaging and patient with T. Thank you Kirsten! - Eileen A (Parent of 3rd Grader)!”

- Eileen A (Parent of 3rd Grader)

Joel is SO PATIENT, kind and provides L with much needed confidence in Math. Even when L answers incorrectly, he give L strength based support to help her find the correct answer independently. Thank You Joel!

- Erin F. (Parent of 2nd Grader)

Ban Wah is exceptional. He is very accessible and communicates frequently. My daughter enjoys their tutoring sessions as he has connected with her despite all their differences and meeting only via the site. She knows he cares about her understanding of the subjects being covered and she is aware of his expectations.

- Patricia D. (Parent of 5th Grader)

Melody has had patience with both my kids and has brought both of them to a place where they can start to understand math more.

- Allison B. (Parent of 3rd and 5th Graders)